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Tech buyers are using web and community resources to complete nearly 70% of their buying journey before they ever engage with a sales resource. (Source: Forrester report “Catching Up To Tech Customer Communities”)

IT Central Station offers vendors an unparalleled opportunity to connect with technology buyers and decision makers. Take advantage of this new social platform of real users and real buyers. The traditional tech buying process is changing dramatically and IT Central Station’s high quality crowdsourcing platform presents a low-cost, high-value path to generate more leads. Having the right vendor strategy on IT Central Station helps you drive more business from leads who are motivated and looking to make a buying decision. Contact us for details.

Be proactive and get involved in the sales process before it’s too late in the game: invite your happy customers to write a review about your product. Many of your customers will write reviews anyway –and will probably be even more positive if you ask them first!

Vendors are not permitted to post reviews or ratings, but there are many other ways to get involved!

  • Encourage your happy customers to write 5-star reviews so you look great!
  • Be seen as top rated among your competition
  • Let prospective buyers learn about you when they search online for solutions
  • Be included in short lists since your prospects create them based on online research

For more information and a invitation kit for your customers, contact us now.

Excerpts of real reviews on IT Central Station

“Great for deploying software... Easy to use”


“Great for tracking and reporting.”

--Henry R

“Great CRM product...”


“Helpful Product...”

--Aaron Leskiw1