Verix Review
Verix creates “dynamic” data which helps us predict future sales trends & identify vulnerable points in the sale process


Use Of Solution:

More than a year

Valuable Features:

The key performance indicators to measure the health of our sales funnel

Effect of Domain Knowledge on Business Results:

The Verix solution is designed specifically for the Pharma Commercial Operations market. As such, the analytical applications, like Funnel Management embed specific business knowledge that results in more relevant analysis of the data

Improvements To Organization:

Improved forecast capability, increased return on investment for marketing leads, identify and share best practices more quickly

Improvements to Sales Performance and Management of Sales Operations:

The Verix scorecard helped us improve sales performance; our sales reps and managers were able to see gaps in their funnel that they previously were not visible; this helped them manage their funnel and lead generation efforts more effectively, and led to more c...

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.