Community Guidelines

We have created a few guidelines to help everyone understand our expectation from members of the community. We expect all our users to follow these guidelines, as well as our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and we reserve the right to reject any posts and/or terminate any user account that we feel falls outside the guidelines below:

Real users: All user reviews must come from real users that have used the product/service, or have evaluated it for the purpose of using it for their company, in the past 12 months. Consultants and analysts can also submit reviews as long as they are not being paid by a vendor to write the review. Posts that are suspected to be bogus in any way will not be approved.

Balanced perspective: Everything’s got its plusses and minuses. In your reviews, comments and postings, we ask you to include a balanced perspective. Posts that lack a balance of content (offering pros & cons) will not be approved.

Be constructive: We encourage constructive discussion about products, services and vendors. Posts that include malicious or defamatory personal attacks (by name, title, or association) or are intended to spread rumors or incite reactions from other users will not be approved. Reviews that include venting, obscenities, or aggressive or discriminatory language will not be approved.

Help others: This site is about sharing information that helps the entire community—don’t just think of yourself. Posts that do not relate to the specified topic, or are too specific to your personal situation or otherwise off topic will not be approved.

No proprietary or confidential information: We fully respect the rights of companies to protect their proprietary and confidential information. Posts that offer company trade secrets, information protected by copyright, or any other information you are contractually prevented from disclosing will not be approved.

Practice good writing: Your writing doesn't have to be perfect, but we expect you to make an effort. Posts using excessively poor grammar and/or spelling, or improper formatting, capitalization, or punctuation will not be approved.

We appreciate all your efforts to stay within these guidelines and be part of a lively and constructive community of IT professionals!